How to find a Counsellor in Fulham that you and your partner can talk to

Are you looking for a counsellor in Fulham for you and your partner? There are many situations that may lead to you requiring a couple’s counsellor. Maybe you feel like you are on the brink of divorce? Perhaps you are having parenting differences? Or could you be looking for pre-martial guidance? No matter your situation, it is important to find a counsellor that you feel like you can talk to openly. Read on to discover some top tips on how to find such a counsellor in Fulham.

Ask friends and family if they’ve used a counsellor in Fulham

You should ask your friends and family if they know anyone who provides relationship counselling. They may be able to give you a few suggestions. Of course, you may not feel comfortable asking people you know about this, and that’s fine, simply move onto the next point.

Read reviews

One of the best ways to find a good Counsellor in Fulham is to read reviews that have been left online. This will help you to get a good understanding of what the therapist is like, as you will read comments that have been left by people that were once in your shoes. If they felt uncomfortable or were not happy with the service provided, you can rest assured there will be plenty of comments online warning you to look elsewhere.

Discuss whether you want a male or female therapist

This is something you should both talk about beforehand. Although most people prefer female therapists for couple’s counselling, there are no hard or fast rules – it is all about what is right for you.

Consider experience, but don’t get blinded by it
Of course, you need someone with a good resume and a considerable amount of experience. But, the relationship itself is the most important. Trust your intuition and choose someone that makes you feel comfortable when you are in the room.

Book a session

The only way you are going to know if a counsellor in Fulham is truly right for you and your partner, is to book a session with them. After one session, you will probably be sure as to whether this is someone you both feel comfortable with and can open up to. There is no obligation to continue with the same therapist, but don’t let this stop you from continuing with counselling – as each counsellor has their own unique way of working with you to solve any issues.

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