Counselling in Shepherds Bush

Counsellor in Shepherds Bush

Seeking counselling in Shepherds Bush or anywhere for that matter, can be a daunting task that requires a lot of time that you may not have in your life. So if you have finally taken the decision to take counselling services to start a new chapter in your life and bring back the positivity, then let us put you at ease with our wealth of experience in the industry.

Becoming a strong and peaceful person will require a thorough and consistent approach by a dedicated and experienced counsellor who keeps you motivated and encourages you to keep striving and never give up. Qualities you will want your counsellor to possess is empathy and compassion towards the difficulties you, as an individual are currently struggling.

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Overcome the issues and find true happiness.

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Richard Gosling is a counsellor in Shepherds Bush and the perfect person to assist you and encourage you on your journey with an abundance of experience in counselling for depression, grief, anger, anxiety, low self-esteem and relationships. His collaborative approach towards counselling has helped numerous individuals and couples to bring positive changes and effectively being able to control their behaviour.

A victim of psychological problems, Richard Gosling has been able to effectively overcome his problems and this has served to be a great motivation for him to start as a counsellor in Shepherd’s Bush. Over the years, he has worked along numerous individuals and trained them to become resilient and victorious in the face of any adversity or challenges.

Working as a counsellor Shepherd’s Bush for many years, Richard Gosling understands that the first step to effective counselling is establishing trust and a sense of safety with the client. Thus, he starts his counselling by conducting an introductory session so that you and he can both get to know each other and talk freely without any fear of being judged. It is important that you feel safe and secure to talk about and look at your beliefs, concerns and fears.

Express your inner and outer world

Having come from a dysfunctional background with many early life traumas Richard received sustained therapy which changed his inner and outer world and which he determined to share with those from similar backgrounds or those being challenged by life to help them find the joy and acceptance for which we are all originally designed.Sustainable Empowerment aims to become a pathway of happiness for individuals who feel isolated and lonely even in the presence of loved ones and closest family members. There is a lack of motivation to work towards achieving goals and success. The feeling of failure usually results in destructive and harmful emotions like anger, anxiety and depression, which will only increase with time.

Availing the counselling in Shepherd’s Bush will open a new window for you to look at life with an optimistic eye. It will help you identify what are your core strengths and weaknesses and how you can utilise them effectively in becoming that person you have always wanted to be. Sustainable

Empowerment is based on the philosophy to give authority to the lively and dedicated person inside you which you have been supressing and trying to control for the past many years. The objective is to liberate that person inside you with feelings of joy, enthusiasm and determination and allow you to reach your full potential that you have been long waiting to do.

If after reading this you are still interesting in finding your true self and having someone to guide you along the way then we have a counsellor for counselling in Shepherds Bush that is the perfect match for you. Get in touch today to begin your journey.

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