Anger Management Counselling

Anger Management Counselling

Anger Management Counselling

At Sustainable Empowerment, in Hammersmith London I provide support to those who are suffering from anger management problems. There are many factors that can trigger anger in a person. Some of these can be due to certain personal experiences in their life. In my career I have noticed that anger mostly occurs when an individual feels insulted, frustrated or deceived. Although, anger can sometimes be beneficial as it can help you to release tension and excessive energy. However, anger can pose a problem when it becomes excessive and takes control over you. Anger will not only be a threat to our health but it can also disturb our relationships with others. Therefore, I believe in order to deal with this negative pressure that is building inside us we need to find its actual source and then direct it into positive channels.

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As being a personal counsellor who has vast experience in anger management issues, I have witnessed that sometimes the source of anger is rooted in the experiences we had in our past. If your anger gets out of control then it can have destructive consequences on your quality of life, relationships and career.

At Sustainable Empowerment, I offer anger management counselling that can help you to learn and control your anger in a better way. My anger management counselling can also help you to lessen the impact that anger issues are having in your life. For any counselling session it is important for an individual to feel that his therapist can understand them and is right for them. Therefore, in my anger management counselling sessions I first make individuals feel comfortable in discussing their experiences with me. Yet at the same time I make sure whether I will be able to help them or not by identifying the triggers behind their anger.

For this reason I never charge for my introductory sessions. Once achieving the level of comfort with my client I then make individuals explore their deep rooted issues and triggers that result in angry outbursts and make them learn ways to control these occurrences. The next step of my anger management counselling is to teach you ways to respond to these triggers and to keep yourself calm when you sense that anger is building inside you. I also help individuals find a way to effectively communicate in order to release their anger and to resolve any conflicts. In this way I encourage you to transform your unhealthy anger to healthy anger so that you can effectively deal with problems and find possible solutions.

In my anger management counselling sessions I collaborate with my client and make them adopt different skills and ways of thinking so that they can cope up with their anger management. I tailor my anger management counselling sessions according to my client’s personal experiences and individual needs so that they can genuinely benefit from the support and therapy I have provided them.

At my counselling centre located in West London, Hammersmith I present you with an opportunity to build healthy relationships, stay calm and turn your negative energy into a positive one.

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