Couples Counselling London

Are you having problems in your relationship and looking for couples counselling London? if you are then thankfully you are in the right place.

Do you feel there is lack of communication or understanding between you and your spouse? The longer problems exist the more damage can be done, do not hesitate and seek couples counselling, and remember that taking the first step is often the hardest.

Relationships can often reach a standpoint when the couple cannot effectively communicate with each other, which leads to misunderstanding, arguments and conflict. However,some couples do not realise the damage to their relationship will become greater and the cracks in the relationship wider if they do not seek professional help to better understand themselves and each other.

man and woman seeking couples counselling in london

In many cases, where there is tension in the relationship, it is difficult for a couple to sit down together on their own and discuss these problems openly and in a non – judgemental manner.  This is the point when you require couples counselling in West London by Richard Gosling.

Richard Gosling has been providing couples counselling in West London for many years now and has considerable experience in how to effectively communicate with couples and assist them in finding solace, mutual understanding and happiness in their relationship. He understands that opening up about relationship issues in front of another person can be uncomfortable for many couples. They consider such problems as extremely personal.

Therefore, Richard Gosling first aims towards establishing a comfort zone with the couple and himself as it is essential for the couple to discuss about their problems openly in front of the counsellor so that he can effectively resolve them and help build back a healthy relationship between them.

This is facilitated by an introductory session where the couple speaks about themselves and then as the sessions progresses he ensures that they are comfortable enough to start discussing their relationship issues safely, with openness and confidence.

Couples counselling is often avoided by people due to a sense of fear, as they might get to know the truth, which they are afraid may not be seen as acceptable or would be upsetting for both. However, it does give you a sense of relief after letting your spouse know how you feel rather than keeping it within you for all those years. It allows a couple to put in efforts into improving themselves and work on the most sensitive aspects of their relationship.

The purpose of Sustainable Empowerment’s couples counselling in London is to primarily target couples that are discontent with their partner or relationship due to reasons like family disputes, infidelities, affairs, pre-nuptial issues and being unable to hold on to friendships. They feel a sense of isolation and insecurity even in the presence of their partner. In case of married couples, they are just living in the relationship for the sake of their children and lack any sense of empathy or emotional towards each other.

Sustainable Empowerment’s couples counselling in Hammersmith, West London has proven to be an invigorating and emotional experience for the couples. With the assistance of Richard Gosling, couples have been able to rediscover the lost spark and love in their relationship.

Sustainable Empowerment’s Couples counselling in London generates a sense of responsibility among the partners that they have towards each other. It makes them more empathetic towards each other and avoids the mistakes that will have previously affected their relationship.