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Psychodynamic Counsellor Richard Gosling

At Sustainable Empowerment in Hammersmith, London, I offer support as your personal counsellor and psychotherapist. You can freely share your feelings, emotions and problems with me as I adopt a broader, psychodynamic approach to help you solve your problems. As an individual, I have experienced all shades of life very closely and as a result I am more empathetic towards understanding others’ problems. After living through many challenges, I came to understand that peace of mind and happiness was entirely in my own hands. No problem or situation can be too big until we let it become one. Troubles and challenges are a part of life, what matters is how we manage to recognise and deal with them. Having realised this truth I was able to a seek guidance and support to change my life for the better and now I help others bring a positive change in their lives as well.

I provide psychotherapy and counselling support in West London. Despite being fortunate to come from a privileged background, trauma and a huge emotional gap dominated my early years which manifested hugely at a later stage in my life. However, I struggled to block and ignore my own dysfunctional symptoms as I set about trying to achieve my professional aspirations. I believed that external settings would allow me to overcome my sense of fear, restlessness and grief.

I pursued a career in secular international issues and business, but, the more involved I became with my professional responsibilities, I became increasingly aware of my shortcomings. Though to many of us our personality disorders can be ignored, I was a few of the fortunate ones who are able to recognise anomalies in behaviour on their own. Coming to realise the fact that I was suffering from early life trauma and various personality disorders I was encouraged to seek direction and help to heal my problems.

It was simply hope and a deep desire to change which enabled me to accept that I needed professional help to overcome the challenges that I let life throw at me. As a result, I entered counselling and psychotherapy which directly helped me to change my life. I was able to cast off old chains and bring positivity into my life. The end results were empowering and liberating. I was lucky to work with wonderful counsellors who showed me how to first look at, and then, fight my inner demons.
Having learned from my experiences I now offer psychotherapy and counselling support to others so that they may also be able to grow and live their life as they want to.

I am trained as a counsellor to particularly offer support through psychodynamic counselling and psycho-synthesis. I can be of particular help to you in treating humanistic and stress disorders. I am based in Hammersmith, London and offer specialist counselling and psychotherapy support to treat mental and behavioural conditions including depression, anger, unresolved grief and bereavement, shame and low self-esteem. Additionally, I can also help you improve your relationships.
At Sustainable Empowerment, located in West London, I offer support to help you live a better, joyful and contented life.


“Unlike many fellow professionals I do not use testimonials. Firstly, a testimonial is only truly credible being associated with its author, which of course, is not possible. I also believe that using words from a client for a promotional purpose, no matter that they may have volunteered their usage, is a betrayal of trust and contrary to the most basic psychotherapy ethics and principles. The journey between the therapist and the client is an absolutely privileged and personal journey where no two journeys are ever identical.

It is my long experience that, no matter how genuine it may be, the re-assuring words of one party are no re-assurance for another. With something as important as our own personal inner work it is our intuition and our own judgement upon which we should rely.”

Richard Gosling
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