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I would like to share thought-provoking counselling articles about depression, anger management and therapy, and many more subjects that concern everyone, whether you are affected yourself or live with someone who perhaps needs help and support. If you feel that you would like to have a further conversation or would benefit from counselling or therapy, please contact me for a non-obligatory chat.

How can a Counsellor help with work related stress?

Work can be one of the biggest causes of stress. If you feel like you are unable to cope with the demands of work, it is a good idea to seek the help of a counsellor in West London. Don’t feel like you are alone. Nearly half […]

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Why are more people seeking counselling these days?

It seems that more and more people are visiting counsellors today for a wide range of issues, from a lack of self-confidence to relationship breakdowns. It is also something we are talking more openly about. In the past, people wouldn’t dream of telling their friends or family […]

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What is the Psychodynamic approach to Psychotherapy and Counselling?

The term ‘Psychodynamic Therapy’ or ‘Psychodynamic Counselling’ is a form of therapy which utilizes a number of different analytical approaches and styles and is the most effective way to bring permanent changes to our lives. Many of our actions are controlled by our unconscious and sub-conscious mind […]

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Power & Protection of Our Intuition by Richard Gosling

Recently I was given cause to consider our intuition and how we can often ignore it even though it is our truest, wisest and most loyal friend. A close friend related to me the distressing experiences she had after inviting a colleague to stay in her home […]

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Benefits of Counselling

A classic question is “Do you think I would benefit from counselling” I do not know anyone who has asked that as an idle question. We all have areas in our psyche, our character and our ego which we would like to understand better but many believe […]

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Dealing with Depression

There are few disorders which can silently destroy the beauty of our being and gifts of our creation more than the multi faceted and diverse symptoms of depression. Depression is, without doubt, the fastest growing illness in the U.K. Approximately 1 person in every 5 will become […]

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Understanding Our Anger

Anger should not be confused with aggression although it often manifests in that way. Anger is an emotion and does not necessarily lead to aggression. It is important to understand that a person can become angry without acting aggressively. Hostility is a term often related to anger […]

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What Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? (OCD)

Feelings can lie and our heart can be a great deceiver! Thoughts that we do not want keep recurring and building into an avalanche and with the thoughts come intense feelings of anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion and also the brain’s warning system. When we feel anxious, […]

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How to Avoid Repeating The Same Mistakes All Over Again?

mistakes and engaging in the same destructive behavior Therapy is important to help us recognise patterns and avoid making the same mistakes and engaging in the same destructive behavior. Repeating the past and making the same mistakes is repetition compulsion, discussed by Sigmund Freud in his essay, […]

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How to Let Go of Your Past Beliefs or Relationships and Move On?

When we embark on a new relationship with someone, we should base our perceptions on new information. In a perfect world we let go of old relationships or stereotypes. However, letting go of our past beliefs or old relationships is more difficult than it sounds whilst still […]

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