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Bereavement Counselling Service in West London

Have you lost someone you love?

At Sustainable Empowerment located in Hammersmith, West London, I support those who are suffering from bereavement and grief to help them regain control of their life. There can be many reasons why you would be in need of bereavement and grief counselling. People usually suffer from bereavement if they have experienced the death of someone dear to them. Dealing with the death of a close relation such as parents, spouse, child or a friend might be extremely difficult, painful and heart wrenching. You might also find it difficult to adjust to the big changes happening in your life. Grief can shake up your whole being including your personality, beliefs and sometimes your sense of reality. We offer a professional and sympathetic personal approach to bereavement counselling services in west london, so that you can appropriately deal with your loss . We can help you come to terms with your loss in as little as one session if you’re not feeling up to exploring things properly.

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In my bereavement and grief counselling sessions I have come to understand that everyone has a different reaction to grief. While some take out their grief by shouting out loud and questioning God, there are others who will go into isolation and silence and tend to bury their pain within. I have found that sometimes grief has such a huge impact on people’s lives that it can gradually take the form of depression. Therefore, coping with bereavement and grief at the earliest possible time is very important so that it doesn’t get deeply embedded in you and hold you back from moving forward and living a contented life.

The best way to deal with bereavement and grief is to discuss it with someone as talking about your loss can help you adjust with your new way of life and accept all the good and bad changes that it offers. Therefore, in my bereavement and grief counselling sessions I provide you with an environment that is safe and comfortable so that you can open up and feel your painful experiences with me. I encourage people to share their feelings and pain that they have bottled up inside them as, if we deny our sadness, it will have the effect of prolonging the pain.

Only if you have acknowledged your loss can you move forward. By offering my support through bereavement and grief counselling I can help you find the place for your loss so that you can continue with your life and achieve acceptance.

In my bereavement and grief counselling sessions I can help you explore areas that may prevent you from moving ahead in life and help you adjust to a new sense of self. I may also help you to overcome issues that may lead you towards depression or any suicidal thoughts as a result of grief. However, just like any other therapy, bereavement and grief counselling requires that you feel comfortable and safe in discussing your experiences with your therapist. This is the very reason why my initial bereavement and grief counselling session with you is an opportunity for you to gauge whether I am the right therapist with whom you can share your experiences and lack of joy in your life. It will also determine whether I will be able to help you get through your present state or not.

At Sustainable Empowerment in Hammersmith, London I can help you to look at, and move past your pain and make you accept change in order to live a better life.

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