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At Sustainable Empowerment, in Hammersmith London I can help people who are going through serious relationship problems. The most heart wrenching experience for a person can be if they are having difficulty in finding fulfilment in their relationships. As human beings we have an absolute right to be happy and secure in harmonious, healthy and trusting relationships. But for many of us this may seem a remote possibility and our relationships may feel a never ending struggle to gain a sense of security, understanding, acceptance and emotional satisfaction. I believe that relationships are an extremely important part of our lives which can bring true fulfilment and happiness. When we find that our meaningful relationships are breaking down we can feel isolated, angry and unsure of ourselves.

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In my relationship counselling sessions I work with individuals and couples who are dissatisfied with their relationships and are feeling lonely and disappointed as a result of not being able to find solace in their relationships. I explore their needs and find out what they require from their relationships, while offering advice and support so that their relationship can get back on track. A lot of relationship problems sprout from trust issues and that whether we can be truly honest in our relationship.

Relationship Counselling Service in West London

Other questions that we experience are that whether we seek happiness and sense of self-worth in our relationships or that we will only find true fulfilment and happiness if we are in the right relationship. As being experienced in providing relationship counselling, I have witnessed that usually relationship issues arise due to family squabbles, betrayals, affairs, pre-nuptial issues and being unable to hold on to friendships. If these relationship problems are not dealt with in time they can have an extremely negative impact on our personality and can drag us into a sense of isolation and depression.

The first important component of providing online relationship counselling is to make the individual feel safe and comfortable with their therapist so that they can talk openly about their feelings. Only then can the therapist discover the source of the problem and try to provide relevant advice to the couples or individuals who are going through a relationship breakdown.

This is the very reason that in my first session of relationship counselling I give you an opportunity to meet me and decide for yourself whether you feel comfortable and safe discussing your issues with me. At the same time it also determines whether I will be sincerely able to help you repair your relationship problems or not. By collaborating with you, I will try to help you discover the type of relationship you are craving and the ways to communicate properly to sort out your relationship difficulties. The end result would be that you learn how to grow closer to a partner and develop ways to build a relationship based on mutual love, trust and respect.

At Sustainable Empowerment, in Hammersmith London I provide online relationship counselling service in West London so that you can achieve true happiness and joy with your loved ones by building healthy relationships.

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