Online Counselling For Depression And Anxiety

Depression Counselling

Do you struggle with Depression and Anxiety?

At Sustainable Empowerment, located in Hammersmith London I offer depression counselling to those who perceive life as being a dark room with no light. As having in-depth knowledge about human psychology I perceive depression to be an extremely serious form of mental condition that can have a negative impact on your relationships and life.

From a psychotherapist point of view, depression is like an emotional cancer that can also kill your spirit. The longer someone ignores depression the deeper they get buried in that feeling of isolation and misery. Depression may also lead a person to become detached from their loved ones by shutting themselves in a world of their own. A person is said to be suffering from depression if they are experiencing a plethora of troubling emotions as a result of certain experiences that have gradually led them towards a feeling of misery, anxiety and hopelessness.

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Having years of experience with successful depression counselling I don’t believe that taking anti-depressants can cure you from this condition. It may temporarily numb you from the anxiety and pain you are going through but not completely rid you from your misery. Once the effect of anti-depressants wither away you will have triggers that will bring your depression back, thus making it even stronger than before.

From my own personal experience I have come to understand that depression has its roots in our past and once we discover the actual source we can heal ourselves. As being a cognitive behavioural therapist I tend to find out the root that has led to your depressive state of mind and then make you understand your illness and its triggers. By understanding the underlying reasons that have resulted in depression symptoms, I help individuals to change their feelings and try to manage them properly.

Many a times depression may also manifest itself due to Relationship Issues, negative thinking and as a result of having a low self-esteem that may exacerbate your illness. Therefore, in order to curtail these conditions at an earlier stage depression counselling can prove to be a better cure.

In my depression counselling sessions, I adopt a broader Psychodynamic Approach to help you solve your problems. For me it is highly important, to make you feel comfortable during the session, so that you can freely share your emotions and feelings with me. Therefore, my first session for dealing with depression is an introductory session for which I don’t charge so that both of us can understand each other. This session also determines whether I will be genuinely able to help you and whether you consider me to be the right therapist for you.

At Sustainable Empowerment in Hammersmith, London, London we aim to bring a positive change in your life by helping you fight depression, grief and anxiety. Once understanding the root and cause of your depressive state of mind you will find an undying positivity in you that will liberate and empower you. By overcoming depression you can lead a happy and contented life that is free from negativity and hopelessness.

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