Low self-esteem / Anxiety / Social Interaction

Low self-esteem / Anxiety / Social Interaction

Do you suffer from low self-esteem or anxiety?

As being a cognitive behavioural therapist I have come to realise that having a low self-esteem, fear of social interaction and anxiety management are issues that are closely intertwined. This is because one of these issues has the ability to feed the other. I strongly believe that these conditions are not inherent in us and their origin can always be traced back to a trauma that we faced in the past, and no longer remember. Conditions such as low self-esteem, anxiety and social interaction problems could have materialised due to a single event or a series of traumatic events that have deeply affected us and we want to push them away.

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With cognitive behavioural therapy you can overcome a number of anxiety disorders and issues of low self-esteem and social interaction. As a therapist who has experience in making people understand their behaviour I can help you to uncover the underlying causes of your fears and worries. I then help people to learn how to relax and look at their situation in a positive light and through this they develop effective and powerful problem solving and coping skills. In this way they can discover a way to overcome their panic attacks, unrelenting worries and obsessive thoughts. With proper therapy I can help you to challenge your negative thinking patterns that have led to anxiety by replacing them with positive and realistic thoughts.

I apply the same approach when treating people who have social interaction and low self esteem issues. That is by making them identify their negative thoughts, challenging them and replacing those negative thoughts with realistic ones. In this way I make you realise that the fears that are making you refrain from interacting with others is merely an illusion. Lower self esteem can result due to a number of reasons such as having a feeling that you are unloved, that you have been drawn into destructive thoughts or feeling incompetent about your abilities. All these reasons associated with low self esteem can lead you towards anxiety and make it difficult for you to become socially interactive.

Our self-esteem, similar to anxiety disorder, is deeply embedded in our past experiences and the perceptions we imagine others have about us. Therefore, you need to regain it back to live a fuller and liberated life. As a cognitive behavioural therapist I will help you regain your self-esteem and become more socially interactive by monitoring your negative self-beliefs, assumptions and thoughts that make you feel trapped. In this way you can feel more positive about yourself by accepting your strengths and weaknesses and being proud of who you are.

Just like my other therapy sessions, in anxiety management as well I believe the individual should feel comfortable and safe with the therapist. Therefore, our first session of anxiety management is going to be an introductory session where I will give you a chance to assess whether you feel comfortable and relaxed working with me. It will also give me an opportunity to judge whether I can sincerely help you with your situation or not. In this way our future sessions will turn out to be more successful and will help you come out from your disorders and live a better and contented life.

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