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Psychodynamic Counselling

At Sustainable Empowerment, I offer my support to people who are in need of psychodynamic counselling by helping them achieve a better insight into their thought processes. I help them understand the reasons for their confusion, frustration, anger and sadness.

To adopt a psychodynamic approach it is important to have a good therapeutic relationship, so that people will find themselves in a safe place where they can openly talk about and discuss their difficult issues. This requires having a two way effort and therefore I work collaboratively with my clients by enabling them to feel safe and comfortable exploring their difficulties. Through, psychodynamic counselling individuals can regain their self-esteem and have an empowering experience.

As an experienced psychodynamic counsellor I understand that there can be a number of reasons why people need to know it is safe to speak their thoughts and feelings, and having them heard can give perspective and change the dynamic of these thoughts and feelings.

There can be many reasons behind this such as people are going through troubled relationships because they have been continuously repeating a destructive relationship pattern for many years. Other reasons include repression, self-denial and using defence mechanisms to hide unacceptable feelings and mental desires. Psychodynamic counselling can also help those individuals who desperately want to get over a serious crisis such as grief, bereavement, depression and problems associated with anxiety.

I also comprehend psychodynamic counselling to be a ‘talking cure’ as by putting experiences into words can help to unravel and make sense of your issues. Therefore, through a psychodynamic approach we can rightly find the meaning in our lives. Our past experiences can have a huge impact on our present at a sub conscious level. Therefore psychodynamic counselling will also help individuals from having their actions today controlled by their past. In this way individuals can unveil their inner conflicts that are affecting their relationships and making them stay stuck in their present circumstances.

With the right guidance and approach, psychodynamic counselling can transform a person and make them feel better about themselves and able to combat their issues. They will also realise that life is not bleak and that there are ways to cope with feelings of anxiety, depression and relationship traumas.

In order to achieve this it is important to first understand the client and at the same time make them feel at ease as well so that they can open up to me. My experience has shown me that any form of counselling or psychotherapy is only truly effective if you feel able to completely trust your therapist and feel totally comfortable sharing your feelings and experiences.

For this reason our first session is going to be an introductory session for which I don’t charge my clients. The purpose of this session is to ensure that you are comfortable with sharing your experiences and thoughts with me and for me to determine I can sincerely and genuinely help you.

I see clients at my practice in a peaceful setting alongside the River Thames, in Hammersmith, West London.

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