My Approach To Therapy and counselling

‘Person Centred’ Counselling

At Sustainable Empowerment, in Hammersmith London, I offer counselling and therapy that is based on the principles of Person Centred Counselling. The purpose behind this therapy is to help you feel completely safe in who you are and help you grow as an individual. It can happen that with the passage of time a person’s true identity becomes confused or even lost somewhere. This happens when their personal judgement, experiences and belief mechanisms become blurred through the influence of others.

Person Centred Counselling can help individuals to achieve self-actualisation and personal growth. My approach with Person Centred Counselling is to make individuals understand that they are the best authority of their own experience. My approach in this regard is to encourage you to feel comfortable and let go of pre-conceived notions about the way you should react and respond to situations and emotions. I further make you discover and explore your true self by encouraging you to explore and value your innermost feelings and deepest desires.

In this way individuals are able to move ahead and understand that they have no need to put up a facade and live a life in a way others want them to live. With time and encouragement I make individuals learn to discover and accept their true self. Through Person Centred Counselling I also help individuals to have a greater respect and a clearer understanding of others.

As an experienced Integrative therapist I consider Person Centred Counselling to be the most challenging of all therapies as it is essential the client considers their therapist to be a person who is totally accepting of how and who they are in any given time so that you will feel absolutely safe sharing your experiences. You should never have to question if your therapist is being judgemental or able to empathise with your feelings and emotions.

When it comes to Person Centred Counselling I believe it requires more than psychological skills alone to encourage clients to tear down their defences and gain back their self-esteem and self-empowerment. I accept all my clients as they are at that given time without forming any judgements about how they may or will be in the future.

As having an in-depth and personal experience of Person Centred Counselling I work with individuals who are battling with depression, anxiety, grief and many other emotional traumas. To make an individual feel that they are cared and appreciated as they are, in turn enables that person to feel that he or she indeed deserves to be cared for. At my counselling centre situated in Hammersmith, West London I provide a supportive environment where I can cultivate a person’s understanding. In this way they can also expand and strengthen their own identity and separate themselves from the notions about how they should be.

I strongly believe that through Person Centred Counselling you will find the encouragement to change your direction where necessary and to deal with your experiences by having tools that will always stay with you for the rest of your life.

Richard Gosling
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