Be a social butterfly with a counsellor

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Do you feel sick at the thought of meeting new people and want to learn to be a social butterfly with a counsellor? Do you feel nervous when in a new environment or going to a venue you are not aware of? Do you think that people will find you boring or weird? You are not alone.

A lot of people feel awkward in social situations. It can be incredibly frustrating, you want to have fun and get to know new people, but there always seems to be something holding you back. In the end, you often cancel plans because you feel too anxious to go ahead with them. This is no way to live. An expert counsellor (If you live nearby Shepherds Bush then we are based in Hammersmith just on the bank of Thames river) can help you to overcome this and release the inner social butterfly that is dying to get out.

Overcoming social fear and insecurity

The main reason why people feel socially insecure is because they do not have a lot of confidence. It is all about what you tell yourself. Some common thinking patterns amongst those who are socially awkward include the following:

  • You are defined by what others think about you.
  • It would be devastating to be socially embarrassed or rejected.
  • You will be criticised or ridiculed if you make a social mistake.
  • Others are judging you in social situations.
  • You are weird, unlikeable, or boring.

No wonder you think social situations are terrifying if you believe the above. However, it could not be further from the truth. The things that you are stressing about, other people don’t give a second thought to. People are way more tolerant than you probably realise, and a social mistake is not going to be something they spend their free time judging you on; they have other things to worry about. So, don’t waste your time panicking about what people think of you.

You need to accept yourself

In order to become a social butterfly, you need to learn to accept yourself, and this is something your local counsellor will help you with. They have an array of techniques to help you change the way you feel about yourself, which will not happen overnight. This starts with changing your way of thinking and realising that your bad self-evaluations do not necessarily reflect reality, it is more than okay to make mistakes, and to be liked you don’t need to be perfect.

So, if you are ready to overcome your social fears and live life to fullest, you should look for a leading Reach out for Counselling in Shepherds Bush to assist.

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