Balancing Your Relationship And Yourself

Having a healthy relationship takes time. Finding balance between yourself and your relationship has proven tricky. There are some responsibilities that require a certain amount of time no matter what, household chores, bills, kids, career, etc. And somehow you have to find a way after all that to devote enough time to caring about yourself and your relationship.

Take care of yourself, make sure you feel energized daily, whether you need to do that by excising or taking time out and enjoying things yourself such as watching a movie.

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Both people in the relationship need to look
after themselves first and think about their own self-care. When neither of the
person in the relationship applies self-care to themselves it can start to feel
like there is a lot of taking without any giving.


In a relationship you need to balance both. If you spend too much time focusing on yourself, your partner will feel neglected, if you focus too much time on your relationship you may start to feel drained. You need to balance both. Many of us get swept away with work and business and do not realise we are not focusing on ourselves and our relationship. When you feel anxious, you most likely need to care of yourself and have a break. If your partner is feeling the same then you need to check how they feel.

If you find that one of you requires more time alone or you feel like your relationship is not going in the direction you both want, give us a call for Counselling in Fulham

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