Teenagers With Body Image Issues

According to recent figures, over 60% of girls and young women in the UK have low self-esteem, with just 39% expressing that are confident about their bodies. Low self-esteem isn’t a mental health problem itself, but it can negatively impact our mental health. The more optimistic we feel about ourselves, the more ready we are to handle the up’s and down’s throughout every day.

Few things that you don’t like about your body

If you were asked to name a few things that you don’t like about your body and that you would love to change, most likely you would name a few straight away without even having to think about it. If you were asked to name things you like about yourself, that would then prove challenging.

Acknowledge our own insecurities

We should firstly acknowledge our own insecurities. Being open about our body insecurities will help young people feel more confident to speak up and ask for help.When you are struggling with low body self-confidence, it can feel isolating. You may feel like you are the only one experiencing these kinds of feelings or may think everyone else knows what they’re doing. Sharing your insecurities can help open up a dialogue, starting open, honest conversations, and helping teens to feel less daunted when talking about their own experiences.

We should encourage all shapes and sizes. By seeing bodies of different sizes, it can help young people realize that there isn’t an ideal body of what we should look like, nobody is perfect.

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Encourage a positive mindset by teaching teens to focus their thoughts to other skills and passions can help to counter negative body image.

Encourage them to explore why they feel this way. Identifying specific negative influences and triggers can help them to refocus towards a positive mindset, avoiding or removing negative influences, and discovering new ways to combat these in the future.

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