Psychotherapy in West London – Will I need to do ‘homework’?

If you have booked your first session for psychotherapy in West London, you may be a bit apprehensive about what to expect. Do you need to prepare? If so, what do you need to do before you see the therapist? Will they give you homework after each session? If so, what will it entail? The important thing is to make sure you do not stress about it.

Know what to expect from psychotherapy in West London

Being prepared often makes people feel more comfortable before they do something they are not used to, and this definitely applies to seeing a psychotherapist in London. The best way to prepare is to have an idea of what you want to get out of the Psychotherapy in London. Remember, therapy is about you. So, if you go in with something to talk about, you will find the session a lot more fruitful. Your therapist will then guide you from this starting point.

Be honest

In addition to this, you should prepare to be one hundred per cent truthful. Some things may be uncomfortable to talk about, but speaking about them is the only way you are going to overcome them. Think about what is really getting you down, and anything that you want to focus on in particular so that you can bring it up when you see the psychotherapist. You may even want to make a list of questions to ask the therapist. There is nothing wrong with this; it is encouraged. You can ask questions about the therapy process and how counselling will work, for example. This is likely to make you feel a lot more comfortable.

What will I need to do

Will you get homework after each session? It is likely. This differs from psychotherapist to psychotherapist. However, it is often assigned as part of the treatment, and it involves practicing different skills that have been taught in therapy. Thus, what you learn about in psychotherapy in London will be applied to real life situations. You can then talk about this in your next session, i.e. how it went, how you felt, and any issues that were encountered. This will help you to reach your goals. For example, your homework could be to greet five people every day, or to go to a social function you wouldn’t typically go to.

Finally, another type of homework is to write in a thought record. Basically, whenever you have a negative thought, you will write it down. You will then weigh up the evidence both for and against the negative thought. This will help you to see things from a more balanced perspective. Of course, there may be other types of homework given to you along the way, but this should give you a basic understanding of the type of tasks that are often entailed.

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