Learning to Deal With Your Emotions

Many of us have been in the position of not being able to deal with our emotions and learning to deal with your emotions can be difficult without the right help. This can strike at any time, in any situation and to absolutely any of us. Sometimes it can be the result of some huge catastrophe or an event which out of the blue pulls the rug from beneath us. Sometimes it can be the most seemingly insignificant thing that poleaxes us.

The point is that we all need a little guidance and help sometimes and a good place to start is with a Counsellor near you(If you live near to Fulham then we are not too far from there we are based in Hammersmith). Help is often just a short bus or taxi ride away.

Start at the beginning

Talking about your feelings helps enormously during those times when you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock; when you just can’t see a way forward because your negative emotions are blocking the way. A local counsellor will start at the very beginning – by listening and emphasising, never judging or advising. They will support you, respect your views and provide a safe space where, together you can explore and make sense of what is troubling you. An experienced counsellor has a deep understanding of how talking about emotions works and how it can bring a better understanding so that a person can change how they deal with their feelings.

Develop learning strategies

Emotional distress can be caused by any number of upsets. For example you may feel rejected because a friend doesn’t contact you anymore. You may have feelings of loneliness when the children leave home. Perhaps you have gone through a great physical trauma. All these events can cause negative emotions to grow and that is why you must learn how to replace these with positive feelings. A counsellor can show you how to cope with physical pain, or what you can do to re-build shattered confidence or feelings of self-worth. For every feeling of damaged self-esteem or negative self-worth your counsellor can show you how to develop your own set of counter-arguments and coping strategies.

It will probably take a few counselling sessions in order for you to feel the true impact of learning to deal with your emotions and with the situations that sparked the crisis. But you will feel great relief once you have shared your feelings and worries and when together you begin to work out the solutions to your problems.

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