Dealing with fear with a Psychotherapist in South West London

Fear is one of the strongest emotions we can feel and it can determine how we live our lives and have a large impact on the things we do and our relationships with others. If left unchecked, fear can rule a person’s life and really restrict their activities and opportunities.

If fear plays a large role in our life we may often feel like there is no way to conquer it. We may not be aware of how or even when the fear started and many fears may seem irrational. Fear can cause you to miss out on opportunities, avoid certain places or activities and can also affect our relationships with others.

Whether completely rational or irrational, fear is often too strong an emotion to conquer by ourselves. If fear is dictating how you live your life then you should seek the help of a psychotherapist in South West London.

Understanding our fears

The first step to dealing with our fears is to try and uncover from where they stem.  Often, fears originate from a trauma or event as early back as childhood and a Psychotherapist in South West London can help to go back and evaluate the event to help you to understand your emotional connection to that event in the hope of reducing your fear response when confronted with similar circumstances in your life now.

Irrational fears don’t always have an obvious cause but psychotherapists spend years training and learning the skills needed to help you realise irrational fears do not need to rule your life. Once you have gone back to understand when the fear began then you can look at it objectively with your psychotherapist in South West London to try and reduce your strong emotional fear response.

Coping techniques

When we feel fear, our bodies go in to a “fight or flight response”. This is a physical response to the emotion of fear and can lead to aggression (the fight response) or panic- the flight. These physical reactions have the greatest impact on our lives.

While a psychotherapist in South West London might not be able to “cure” you of your fear, as this is often impossible; they can teach you coping mechanisms to ensure that your fear no longer rules your life. Learning to understand the fear emotion and your physical response to it can help you to manage your fear and once again live a full and varied life.

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