6 Signs You Need to Seek Counselling in South West London

6 Signs You Need to Seek Counselling in South West London

Counselling is a strange thing; one of the most powerful emotions known to humankind is that experienced after a loss whether of a partner, friend, pet or even a much-loved home or job.

Like other powerful emotions Counselling can have such a massive impact that it can paralyse us or leave us with a sense of confusion, anger or hopelessness. Many people have reported being in a ‘pit of despair’, not knowing how to get out again. Because Counselling can develop into other unexpected emotions that can knock you off your feet, such as depression or suicidal thoughts, you need to know when to seek Counselling in South West London to help you.

Seek counselling if….

  • You start to neglect yourself. Failing to take care of your appearance and personal hygiene is a common sign. You stop cooking meals for yourself because you don’t want to eat.
  • You don’t want to take care of the house or garden; in fact there are days when you don’t even want to get out of bed.
  • You don’t want to go to work, take the dog for a walk, go shopping or take the kids to school. If you do manage to get into work you can’t concentrate and you find yourself making mistakes or even neglecting your work duties.

Whilst these are perfectly normal reactions to Counselling which can last for any length of time, they are symptoms which can be helped by a counsellor in south west London. Other reactions to Counselling can be more serious and could include:

  • You drink more alcohol than usual because you feel it numbs the pain. You may even start to take – or increase your use of – drugs whether illegal or prescription drugs.
  • You start to take your feelings out on other people, even sometimes behaving violently towards them when you never did before. You start to behave recklessly for instance driving in a reckless manner or taking unnecessary risks.
  • You start to have suicidal thoughts.

Get help to see you through the darkness

There’s no doubt that Counselling is a very complex emotion in that its effects can completely turn you and your life upside down. It can be all-encompassing and difficult to know what steps to take. And it is so easy to bottle everything up.

Counselling in South West London can help to provide support and coping strategies to help you through what can be a devastating time.

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