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Cyberbullying: How Online Therapy Services Can Help Healing


In an era where our lives seamlessly blend with the digital world, there’s no escaping the presence of online platforms. But, for all their merits, have you ever wondered how they’ve also become a haven for less savoury interactions? Cyberbullying, an unsavoury product of this online explosion, […]

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How Online Therapy Can Overcome Insecurities

Online Therapy

In an era where technology has transformed many aspects of our lives, mental health has not remained untouched. Indeed, with the surge of online counselling platforms across the UK, addressing one’s innermost demons has never been so accessible. But can online therapy genuinely offer a solution for […]

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Therapy myths debunked: The 8 Most Common Misconceptions

Counselling & Psychotherapy Expert

By Richard Gosling – Counselling & Psychotherapy Expert in West London, Hammersmith The evolution of mental health conversation in the UK has been noteworthy over the past five years. Still, it’s startling that 43% of our populace feels a stigma surrounding online mental health counselling or Psychotherapy in West London. […]

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