Why is couple’s counselling in Fulham so popular after Christmas?

Couple’s counselling in Fulham is undeniably popular throughout the year, but after Christmas, more and more couples decide to seek professional assistance to save their relationship. Considering ‘tis the season to be jolly, why do so many couples end up feeling the opposite afterwards? What strains does Christmas have on relationships?

Financial worries

Let’s begin with the most obvious: financial worries. Christmas is an expensive time of the year. You have presents to buy, and then there is the cost of the turkey and all of the trimmings. It can put a real strain on couples, and it is not uncommon for disagreements to arise. One person may feel the pressure to buy gifts for everyone while the other may acknowledge that they are not financially in the position to do so. Of course, if one person has spent money behind the other’s back, this can also cause friction and lead to a lack of trust, which is where professional Couples Counselling can really help.

Christmas and New Year is also a time for reflection, and not all couples look back on the year with happiness. It is important to remember that while New Year is considered one of the most joyous times of the year, it is also a period of depression and high stress for a lot of people, culminating statistically in New Years having the highest suicide rate. People don’t only feel individual strain; they can feel the toll on their relationship.

Professional counselling in Fulham

This may have also been the first time your significant other met your family, and perhaps it did not go as expected. If your partner does not get along with your loved ones, it can cause real issues, and it can feel impossible to know what to do. Professional counselling in Fulham can give couples the sense of direction they need.

Last but not least, commitment issues can really come to the fore during the festive period. You want your partner to put you first at this time of year. It’s a symbolic time in a relationship whereby you are making a statement. If you have been together for a couple of years, yet your partner does not want to spend Christmas Day with you and your family, or they have not made an effort to make you feel special, you may have serious doubts about the direction your relationship is heading in.

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