Six signs you might need assistance with counselling in South West London

Are you contemplating counselling in South West London? Often, deciding to get professional help is the most difficult step of them all. Many people struggle to determine whether their issues are significant enough for counselling. First of all, there is no problem too small for a counsellor. So, let’s take a look at six signs you need assistance with Counselling in South West London.

  1. You always assume the worst

  2. Do you see the bad in everything? If you always fear the worst, you should see a therapist, as this can cause severe anxiety problems or depression. It is what therapists call ‘catastrophising’. Cognitive behavioural therapy is often the preferred approach to getting rid of these irrational thoughts and turning them into realistic ones
  3. You are worried about what other people think

  4. We all worry about what other people think of us, but if this is consuming your social life, it is time to act. If you live your life simply for the praise of others, you will find yourself making compromises, and you will no doubt be unhappy too.
  5. You avoid situations

  6. Do you find yourself avoiding situations on a daily basis? Perhaps you are in need of a job, but you can’t bring yourself to go to an interview? Maybe you are fearful of being in big groups or certain social situations? No matter what it is, a therapist will help you to be more objective about these scenarios so that you can tackle them head on.
  7. You don’t like yourself

  8. A lack of self-esteem can have devastating knock-on effects. You may feel discouraged from going for a job you have always wanted, you may struggle to find a partner because you are always doubting someone’s interests in you, and you may feel sick to the stomach in certain social situations. A therapist can help you to see the good in yourself.
  9. You take responsibility for other people’s problems

  10. This is known as over-functioning, and it occurs when you try to take control of other people’s problems in order to manage your own fears.
  11. You mentally beat yourself up all the time

  12. Some of the kindest people in the world feel they are not good enough. They beat themselves up mentally, bringing their own confidence down. They treat their friends with kindness and patience, but not themselves. Sound familiar?
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