Preparing for significant life events – can a counsellor in Chiswick help you cope better?

Preparing for significant life events – can a counsellor in Chiswick help you cope better?

There are certain events which occur during the course of our life which can be momentous and life-changing. Embarking on a career change, moving house, welcoming a child into the world, will be some of the most important events in our life and often may cause us to question our self-worth and self-esteem.

As exciting as one of these major life events will be, they also carry with them a level of apprehension and even fear. Fear of the unknown and fear of the impact these changes may have can often feel overwhelming and fill us with indecision and panic. When we are approaching a major life event and experiencing feelings of irrational anxiety and instability more than usual or dreading the event actually happening, then a counsellor in Chiswick will be able to help.

Coping with the build up

Major life changing events can be stressful, but it is often the anticipation of these events which can prove more challenging. The days, weeks or even months before an event can make us dwell on the implications of the change and we may find our thoughts becoming negative and making us feel reluctant to embrace the change. It is natural to want to consider the possible consequences of our actions however; dwelling for too long on the possible negative repercussions can lead to irrational anxiety and even a sense of panic.

A counsellor in Chiswick will encourage you to focus your energy on the positive outcomes from the impending life event in order to help you cope with the responsibility of processing and adapting to these changes. While we are unable to predict the future, an experienced counsellor in Chiswick will help you to focus your emotions so that the pressure of the build-up does not cause you to feel anxious, worried or stressed while at the same time, allowing you to be realistic about the possible side effects. A counsellor will be able to help you look at the event from a constructive and balanced viewpoint, removing apprehension and daunting fears.

Planning ahead

Regular visits to a Counselling in Chiswick, we will not only help you to manage with the build-up to a life event, but also give you the tools in order to be excited aboutembarking on the event itself. If you believe you may be struggling with the acceptance and consequences of an event, a counsellor will coach you in taking steps to effectively approach the day ensuring any feelings of vulnerability, anxiety or panic are kept under control. You will be able to apply the coping mechanisms you learnto other future events in your life.

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