Empty nest syndrome – How Counselling in Fulham can help

Raising children is the hardest, most challenging responsibility we will ever embrace. However, no matter how difficult it may be at times, it can be the most rewarding and nourishing experience of our lives. Children fill our home and heart with joy and love but what happens when it is time for our children to fly the nest and head out into their own world?

At this time of year we may find ourselves counting down the weeks until our children move out of the family home for the first time to begin a life of independence either professionally or academically. This may create a feeling of emptiness leading to a depressive state; otherwise known as ‘empty nest syndrome’, something that expert counselling in Fulham could help alleviate.

Finding purpose again

Empty nest syndrome is most commonly suffered by those parents who have spent some 18 years focusing on their children and devoting their lives to revolve around their children. When it is time for children to move on, parents may feel they have lost the purpose of their lives and be left feeling empty and redundant. Finding the right Counselling in Fulham can prevent these feelings from developing into more permanent feelings of sadness, low self-esteem and depression.

Our children heading off to their workplace or university does not need to be a time to dread or fear. Instead, it can be something to look forward to, a time to reconnect and rediscover our true selves. Should we find ourselves suffering with symptoms of anxiety or a sense of emptiness, counselling in Fulham can help you to understand the empty nest syndrome and guide you in transforming this experience into one of acceptance and pride. This time in therapy can be used to examine your inner feeling, hopes and dreams and find new focus for this new stage of your life.

It is not particularly exclusive to mothers to experience empty nest syndrome and fathers have no cause to feel ashamed if they too find themselves feeling at a loss once their children have started to develop their own independence away from the family home. Fathers who have always been protective towards their children may now feel redundant, but will learn this is far from the truth. If both parents are suffering from their children having left home Couples counselling in Fulham can help you both work through feelings of self-doubt and futility. Further, couples counselling can guide you towards discovering together a new, enriching chapter in your life.

After watching your children grow from helpless babies, to inquisitive children, to independent young adults, it is time for parents to now focus again on each other. Remembering though, that there will always be times in your children’s lives where they will still need both of you for encouragement, support and advice.

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