Dealing with social anxiety? Let us help you

How a Counsellor in South West London can help you regain your confidence?

Anxiety can be crippling but it is often misunderstood by many. Both sufferers themselves and those surrounding people with anxiety problems often mistake anxiety for shyness or stress but anxiety is so much more and can have a huge debilitating impact on a person’s life.Anxiety is not something we can simply get over and if we want to conquer our social anxiety then we should consider how a Counsellor Treatment in South West London can help to ease our anxiety and help us to regain our confidence. We don’t have to battle social anxiety alone; there is help out there.

What is social anxiety?

There are many types of anxiety as it can strike in a variety of different ways. Social anxiety is defined as the fear of social situations in which we are required to socially interact with other people. Feelings of anxiety and worry often stem from the fear of being judged and evaluated by other people and worrying they will think negatively of us. Sufferers of social anxiety may find it difficult or overwhelming to enter into new social situations which can lead to a person becoming reclusive and isolated.

Finding your confidence

A counsellor in South West London will understand that suffering from social anxiety is much more complex issue that simply being shy when introduced to new people. With professional help and guidance, you will be able to identify the root cause of your anxiety issues and examine when and why you feel anxious and what triggers your feelings of fear. Often, the key to overcoming anxiety is to understand why we get those feelings in the first place. Only once we understand the reasoning behind our feelings can you learn to overcome them.Once we understand why we feel anxious in social situations, counselling in South West London will then help you to build up your confidence so that you are equipped with the tools to be able to deal with your anxiety when it starts to rear its head. First you will learn the early signs of anxiety so that you do not reach crisis point and then your counsellor will work with you to improve your self-esteem and confidence levels. Once you begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin and more confident, feelings of uncertainty and fear of being judged will become less allowing you to embrace new situations.

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