What to Expect from Counselling

Counselling in Chiswick – What to expect before you go

So you want to know what to expect from counselling? Whatever the reason you’re visiting a counsellor in Chiswick, you’re sure to be apprehensive, especially if this is your first time speaking to a counsellor at all. In fact, many people feel so nervous about their appointment that it is not uncommon for them to cancel some appointments before plucking up the courage to attend an appointment, particularly while emotions are heightened at time of stress. Here, we take a look at some of the most common questions you might have, to make you feel comfortable before you have your first appointment.

Can a counsellor really help me?

No matter what the issue you’re facing, counselling near you can help you feel empowered enough to conquer it. Whether you’re looking for assistance in getting past bereavement, or through a divorce, counsellors can help you understand the issues better, equipping you with coping strategies for now and into the future.

Who will the counsellor tell about me?

All trained counsellors will explain that your appointments are confidential. From time to time, with your agreement only, other parties may need to come to appointments with you in order to help with your therapy – for example, if you’re looking for relationship Counselling in Chiswick, it may be best if your partner comes too. Again, it is to be stressed that this is only if you wish this to happen.

What if I can’t put a name to my problem
Many people suffering from depression or anxiety can’t initially pinpoint where their feelings originated. By talking to a counsellor, you may be able to find what triggered your feelings, and even if this never becomes clear, you can be given strategies to deal with your feelings now and in the future and live a happier, less anxious life.

I feel nervous talking about myself – will counselling be right for me?

The approach any dedicated counsellor takes will always be to make the patient feel safe, and able to express their thoughts and feelings in a comfortable environment where they feel able to focus on themselves and learn to express their feelings more comfortably.

Whatever your questions about visiting a Counsellor in Chiswick, finding the right counsellor is essential to having confidence that counselling will really help you, whether you’re going through a bereavement, have suffered a traumatic event, or are struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression.

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