3 reasons empty nesters could benefit from counselling Chiswick

3 reasons empty nesters could benefit from counselling Chiswick

You could benefit from counselling and there are so many reasons why this could be the case, the number one just generally being that life is hard.

When your children leave home, life changes dramatically. Some people find it difficult to adjust to this change. You have spent all of your life looking after your children; they are your number one priority when you wake up and when you go to sleep, and now they have moved home and the dynamic in the house changes. Such a big shift can lead to marriage issues, and even result in divorce, which is why you should consider counselling in Chiswick. Discover three of the key benefits of counselling for empty nesters below.

Enjoy spending time with one and other again

Counselling in Chiswick will help you to enjoy spending time together again as a couple. After so many years of caring for your children and making them a priority, it is likely that you have not had a lot of time for yourselves. Once your kids fly the nest, you should see it as an opportunity to spend some quality time together. Go on dates or take a long walk together. And, don’t spend the whole time talking about your kids!

Deal with distance in your marriage

Once your kids move out, you can begin to question your marriage. What is going to hold you both together without your children? Remember, you have spent the past 18+ years focusing on your children, not your relationship. Now your relationship is going to be thrust into the spotlight in your mind, and it can be easy to question it. A counsellor will help you start over romantically, which can be difficult to do on your own. Old resentments can easily carry over and it can be tough to let go, but an experienced counsellor will help you to get there.

Knowing your role

Last but not least, counselling in Chiswick can help you to hold onto your old roles while also trying out new ones. As a parent, so much of your identity is attached to parenting. Once parenting ends, you can feel like you have lost a sense of who you are and that you don’t have a purpose anymore. It is a weird experience to go through, but it is all about finding new roles, which is what a therapist can help you with. There are many new roles you can take on, but at the moment you probably don’t realise them.

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