Benefits of Online Video Psychotherapy Counselling

The benefits of online video psychotherapy counselling have only strengthened in the past two years. With the headlines being dominated by depressing news. Billions of people around the world have tried to cope with grief, loneliness, economic meltdown, unemployment, and boredom. This has had a massive impact on our mental state. We have reports of alcoholism, increased anxiety, depression, and a general breakdown in the mental health of many people.

Numerous mental conditions

However, there is a quiet but growing worldwide revolution that has not been given very much attention but is successfully helping people with numerous mental conditions. Since Covid we now live in a different world. Communicating via technology now plays a major part in both our working lives and family life. Many of us are becoming used to seeing our G.P for routine check-ups in a video call and digital healthcare is becoming a common and familiar practice.

Seeking help from a Psychotherapist.

Deciding to go into therapy used to mean searching for a therapist close to your home or work, scheduling an appointment, getting dressed or rushing out of the office at lunch time or fighting the commute bustle at the end of the working day. If you are struggling with depression , grief, anxiety or feeling constantly exhausted and juggling a hectic and demanding home or office life each of these steps have previously been a barrier to seeking help from a Psychotherapist.

Online Video therapy

Online Video therapy has grown massively over the last 2 years giving people the flexibility of being able to seek and regularly receive Counselling simply through their phone, their tablet or their computer. The convenience of Online Video therapy makes it possible for people to receive regular treatment from the comfort of their home, office, perhaps a meeting room or anywhere where they know that have privacy and will not be disturbed.
I have helped many clients who do not live close to a physical destination to see a therapist or counsellor of their own choosing. Online Video therapy has been the perfect solution and it has also enabled clients who travel frequently for their work to keep appointments on a much more regular basis.
Working through mental health challenges can be complex. You will likely be confronting feelings and issues that can bring up some discomfort; this is a natural part of the process, so don’t worry. All of your emotions are valid, whether you’re at home or in a therapist’s office. However, being able to do this within your natural environment can add an undeniably soothing element.

Being able to sit in your living room

Being able to sit in your living room with your favorite hot drink, in comfortable clothes, perhaps with a blanket or a pet by your side, can create a peaceful and relaxing setting. Online Video therapy therefore allows you to alleviate some of the possible tension you may feel when you commence with mental health treatment, without having to contend with transport or face the world outside before you’re ready.
The evidence from various studies over the last 5 years has shown that there are numerous mental health benefits from Online Video counselling.

Online Video therapy has the same positive outcomes as face-to-face therapy. The relationship you build with your therapist greatly influences the progress you make. Clients receiving Online Video therapy report being satisfied with their experiences. Many people state that Online Video therapy has been easier to use and less stressful than having to travel to appointments

Numerous reports from around the world, including the North western University in the U.S and the Leipzig University in Germany have evidenced that Online Video therapy is just as effective as therapy done face-to-face, especially longer-term.

There used to be a certain perceived stigma around seeking and embarking on Online Video psychotherapy. This has fallen away as our world today is seen as creating much more anxiety and proving much more stressful. Since lockdown was introduced throughout Europe, North America and the Far East in March 2020 remote therapy has become much more available, accessible and far less stigmatised.

In the past many people would have thought us odd or perhaps self-indulgent if we had a therapist. However, there is a growing flood of professional people turning to Online Video therapy today. Some from their kitchen table when they know they will be alone in the house, some from the privacy of their study or sitting room at home, many from their office or meeting room and some from the privacy of their car. This means that today everyone can very readily access Online Video therapy.
One client said to me “I now prefer working with you on Online Video, when I think of how I used to rush to get to you on time in the past. I feel I can open up more easily without the stress of commuting and standing on station platforms”.

Research from many universities around the world have evidenced that there is no discernible difference between face-to-face and Online Video therapy as far as effectiveness is concerned. Scientific research has consistently evidenced that Online Video treatment is as effective as face to face treatment in dealing with all mental health and wellbeing issues.

Last year the World Health Organisation found that around 70 per cent of countries have now adopted and approved therapy session via video call to overcome all mental health issues. As an example, Talkspace, a New York based mobile therapy company, has seen a 70% increase in clients since the start of the Covid pandemic. The World Health Organisation also observed significant differences between high income countries where the increase has been around 80% and low income countries where the increase has been just below 40%.

Another significant fact reported in The Lancet last year is the growth in Online Video psychotherapy counselling in China which until a few years ago was considered taboo.

Online Video Counselling is rapidly becoming the standard practice for those seeking help and support with their mental issues, challenges and problems.

One of the significant advantages of Online Video counselling is that it is accessible for all, and it doesn’t matter what your age is, your gender or your location. Also, importantly and significantly, those who are physically disabled and unable to travel to their counsellor. the benefits of online video psychotherapy counselling are endless and if you would like to wreak the benefits, then get in touch today.

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