Affordable Online Therapy: Treatment for Very Little Cash 

Affordable Online Therapy


Access to affordable online therapy can be a cornerstone in a world where mental well-being is paramount. Yet, what if you believe online mental health therapy is out of reach due to financial constraints? It’s a conundrum faced by many, especially those living with symptoms of depression or anxiety. But don’t fret; there are alternatives that can help bridge the gap.

In today’s technologically driven society, apps have become indispensable across various aspects of life, assisting us in everything from navigating unfamiliar places to overseeing our finances. Among the plethora of purpose-built apps, mental health apps stand out, having been specifically developed to aid in managing well-being and confronting anxiety and stress.

Facing Mental Health Challenges

A significant number of young people encounter mental health challenges. Intriguingly, around one in four individuals aged 16 to 24 have reported struggling with their mental health.

Turning to Technology in Trying Times

It’s an integral part of human nature to experience challenging times. To cope, we often find solace in the digital embrace of our phones, whether Facebook or Instagram.

Using Apps for Mental Well-being

Given our inclination towards phone usage, wouldn’t it be wise to utilise an app engineered to assist during these trying moments? After all, if apps can guide us to new destinations and help manage our finances, why not let them navigate us towards improved mental well-being?

Introducing Five Free Apps to Kickstart Your Journey

Embark on your wellness journey with these five free mental health apps, each meticulously crafted with insights from seasoned professionals, encompassing psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, and individuals with firsthand mental health experiences. Rest assured, you’re in trustworthy hands.

These apps are conveniently available on both Apple and Android devices, catering to a broad user base.

  • 1. Calm

Calm presents diverse mindfulness, well-being, and guided activities tailored to help you unwind, centre yourself, and maintain tranquillity. With a spectrum of offerings suitable for various scenarios, such as work stress and anxiety management, it’s a gentle way of managing your mental well-being.

Notable Feature: Daily Calm, a ten-minute mindfulness session, is a refreshing mind-clearer and an opportunity to refocus on your emotions.

Other Highlights:

  • Sleep Stories for Restful Nights
  • Soundscapes for enhanced focus
  • Emotion monitoring through Check-ins

Availability: Both free and premium options are available.

Download Calm for Android | Download Calm for iOS

  • 2. Headspace

Headspace is your companion for maintaining mindfulness amidst challenges, featuring flexible guided meditation activities.

Highlight Feature: Move Mode, integrating gentle exercises led by expert trainers, cultivates both mental and physical well-being.

Additional Features:

  • Various timed mindfulness practices
  • Relaxing Sleep stories
  • A personalised mindfulness calendar

Availability: Accessible in free and premium versions, with a special 85% discount for students on premium subscriptions.

Download Headspace for Android | Download Headspace for iOS

  • 3. Hub of Hope

Hub of Hope is a comprehensive directory of professional support services across the UK, regularly updated with various organisations catering to diverse well-being needs.

Key Feature: The Location Tracker enables users to find services based on location and operational hours.

Other Highlights:

  • Specific support type search
  • Privacy-preserving functionality
  • Emergency support access

Availability: Always free, though some listed services might have associated costs.

Download Hub of Hope for Android | Download Hub of Hope for iOS

  • 4. MyPossibleSelf

MyPossibleSelf is tailored to foster positive mental health management through user-customised schedules of uplifting activities.

Primary Feature: The Check-in Calendar is an emotion-tracking tool that aids in developing emotional regulation skills.

Additional Offerings:

  • Individualised activities
  • Access to NHS-approved support
  • Space for reflections and emotion tracking

Availability: Entirely free with confidential account creation.

Download MyPossibleSelf for Android | Download MyPossibleSelf for iOS

  • 5. What’s Up?

What’s Up? equips users with coping strategies through a minimalist interface featuring relatable self-help techniques for various emotional states.

Distinctive Feature: Comparisons offering relatable accounts to understand mental health better.

More Features:

  • Support database for the UK and USA
  • Grounding activities
  • Personal diary for consistent tracking

Availability: Free with optional donations for additional customisation.

Download What’s Up? for Android | Download What’s Up? foriOS

Embracing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Strategies

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Online is a notable strategy to combat depression and anxiety. Self-directed CBT isn’t a replacement but rather a supplement, mainly when conventional therapy is inaccessible. Many studies showcase its efficiency in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms, even if not entirely. Engage in:

  • Journaling: Penning down your thoughts reveals patterns and triggers change.
  • Guided Courses & Mental Health Apps: They educate and employ CBT techniques for symptom management.

1 – Building Connections

Human connections fill life with meaning and avoid loneliness. Whether through low-cost group therapy, bonds with friends and family, or the companionship of pets, fostering relationships is vital. Even spending time at a local animal shelter can heal the soul.

2 – Cultivating Mindfulness and Meditation

The ancient practice of meditation and mindfulness, now more popular than ever, is a sanctuary for the mind. It enables heightened self-awareness and emotion management. Incorporating meditation apps into your routine can further alleviate stress and bolster mental wellness.

Additional Tips for Mental Well-being

  • Exercise Regularly: A natural mood enhancer.
  • Bask in Sunlight: It elevates serotonin levels, uplifting your mood.
  • Prioritise Sleep & Limit Social Media Use: Essential for Mental Balance.

Seeking Professional Help

Despite the effectiveness of these strategies, they are not a substitute for face-to-face interaction with a licensed therapist West London, which is crucial for severe conditions. Explore options such as online counselling for depression, affordable online therapy, and online relationship counselling available on the best online therapy platforms. Whether you’re looking for counselling for depression and anxiety, online family counselling, online couples therapy, or Psychotherapy West London, a range of online therapy services are available. 

Speak with a therapist offering online counselling services and discuss your financial situation, as they may have strategies to help, such as low-cost group therapy.


Balancing mental health can indeed be challenging when therapy seems unattainable. Yet, the countless alternatives and online counselling London being available, especially in regions like West London, offer a beacon of hope. 

The next time you think about online therapy London or online counselling in the UK, remember that help is just around the corner. After all, isn’t it reassuring to know that even in the face of adversity, there are tools and strategies at your disposal?

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